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T.W. Ponessa & Associates has a formal internship program for graduate students in psychology. Internships are available for pre-doctoral and post-doctoral psychology students. These internships are tailored to individual and corporate needs. Currently, the internship program is not APA or APPIC approved. Master’s level interns are not paid and do not receive stipends.

“Theory into Practice”

The focus of the internship program is to transition students into professional therapists. This is accomplished through several modalities including direct services, supervision, and observations. Interns are provided approximately four hours of supervision per week. They attend departmental supervision groups, an internship group, and have one hour of individual supervision. Interns will video tape at least one therapy session. Supervisors will analyze the tape with the intern and possibly use it as an educational tool in group supervision.

Interns will learn required documentation skills for outpatient therapy and Interns will also develop a case load of 10 to 20 outpatient clients (depending on the program). They may observe psychological evaluations and “shadow” Outpatient Therapists, Behavioral Specialist Consultants and Mobile Therapists as part of their training. Interns will learn to audit client charts to insure accuracy and completeness. Internships are tailored to individual school requirements.

Interested graduate students in psychology, or marriage & family therapy should complete the application for internship found on this website. For additional information, please contact:

Gene Nelson, Psy.D.

Internship Director
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